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CHI is one of the most popular flat iron brands. They are also one of the first companies to really bring attention to the ceramic straightening iron.
One important reason why CHI has become a noteworthy brand is opi nail polish wholesale that it makes all of its products according to "CHI Technology" which means they all contain CHI 44 Ceramic, negative ions, far infrared heat and nano-silver. When you purchase any CHI product, you can be assured that they are made with these important features that will provide the best hair straightening results with the least amount of damage to the hair.The CHI Ceramic Turbo Digital Flat Iron brings all the best of CHI Technology along with digital control that allows the user to set the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius anywhere from 175 to 356 degrees Fahrenheit or 80 to 180 degrees Celsius. Using between 20 and 25 watts of electricity, the CHI Turbo Digital Flat Iron is very energy efficient, which discount opi nail polish is very important these days. A special squeeze sensitive feature allows for a tighter squeeze of the iron which applies more ceramic heat to the hair for even plate contact resulting in optimized benefits.Of course the "CHI Technology" benefits of ceramic plates and coils, negative ions, and far infrared heat mean that hair will receive evenly distributed and consistent heat for straight and sleek hair without burning or over-drying. These are, after all, the reasons why consumers and professional stylists fell in love with CHI flat irons to begin with.CHI adheres to its own set of stringent standards in the development of all of their professional beauty hair care products. For this OPI All Shook Up reason, they are a well respected and trusted hair care brand with salon professionals and average consumers. Although they are best known for their flat irons, they have an awesome assortment of curling irons, hair dryers, treatment and styling products meant to make styling fast and fun. CHI will continue its success by delivering products with the most innovative technologies, revolutionary features, and impressive performance.