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Not everyone can afford or wants to spend over $100 for a flat iron from brands like CHI, HAI or GHD. Well, the good news is, you can buy a flat iron from Jilbere at about half the price of these other brands, and you'll be buying an links of london sale excellent styling tool.Jilbere de Paris has been around for quite some time and makes a variety of hair care products. Among them is its range of hair straighteners. And, for the price tag, you'd be hard-pressed to find better. True, you can buy better, without doubt T3 and CHI are better but they also cost way over $100. You won't get tourmaline and nano-silver technology but you will get other features that are missing from its more expensive competitors.What you do get is high-grade ceramic plates. Ceramic is used because it heats up in seconds, maintains an even temperature over the entire surface area of links of london the plate, and produces lots of negative ions. The ions break down water drops into droplets, that significantly reduces the time taken to straighten hair, and the droplets are small enough that they can be absorbed in the shaft of each hair, which helps to re-hydrate your hair helping to avoid heat damage and frizz.But, if there was one feature that stands out it has to be the amount of heat settings available with each tool. There are 25 in all. Try comparing this to CHI, T3 and GHD flat irons that come with only 3 to 5 temperature settings. With so many settings you can fine-tune the temperature to the exact needs of your hair type.This is the biggest outstanding feature of any Jilbere hair straightener in my opinion.However, what I also like is that you can Charms choose from a variety of models; from ceramic, nano tech digital to wet-to-dry. Again, many other more expensive brands don't offer such a wide range to choose from. The wet-to-dry is a very nice styler and compares well to other brands - it's as good as the Maxiglide though not as good as the (more expensive) T3 wet-to-dry iron.Of the models available, the Jilbere Nano Tech Digital flat iron is the top pick. It not only looks stylish but it delivers beautifully stylish results. If you're looking for a cheap option, this has to be one of the best flat irons currently available: definitely worth a serious look.