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Consumer ratings of Infrashine Flat irons give them an excellent, overall score. This isn't surprising; they are well-made, look good, use the best ceramics, and most importantly, of all, deliver on their promise to give you perfect cheap links of london results every time. But, they do have one or two little shortcomings.Okay, they're not cheap and their price tag means they have to compete with other, well-regarded makes like T3 and CHI. But, you just have to look at an Infrashine hair straightener to know that you're buying quality. They look good; the slightly rounded handle makes them ergonomic, the controls are well-thought out in design, and the plates are made of the best ceramic in the industry.They're also lightweight, which combined with their design, makes them very easy to use. Both the 1/2" and 1" models weigh around 1.2lb making them among the most lightweight you can buy.Another great feature is the configurable temperature setting; there are 5, ranging from 140F to 400F. In all honesty, the high setting is probably too high for most hair types, but having 5 different settings means you can fine tune the temperature to suit your hair type.With the build quality, ease of use, temperature links of london wholesale settings and high-grade ceramics it's no wonder Infrashine get such good marks in flat iron ratings. However, not everything is perfect and these styling tools are no exception.Many high-end straighteners now have ceramic plates and heating elements coated with something called tourmaline. Ceramic was first used because it heats up quickly and maintains an even temperature, but also because it emits high amounts of negative irons. The ions help to break down water droplets, which help reduce drying time and, therefore, heat damage. But, negative ions break down the water Earrings droplets in to such small particles that they can be absorbed into each hair shaft. This means that moisture is locked into your hair making it look shinier and healthier.Tourmaline produces much more negative ions than ceramic; up to 5 times more. Your hair is less damaged and suffers far less 'frizziness'.Unfortunately, Infrashine flat irons don't yet use tourmaline, which is a real shame. If they did, I would say that they would be the 'perfect' styling tool. Apart from the lack of tourmaline, these irons are among the best you can buy. You should also note that even other top brands don't still use tourmaline either.