hair is totally different

I have a desk-mate in high school for two years. She could be thought as a beauty, for she is really beauty in my eyes. What I most appreciate is her hair and skin. She told me many ways how to take care of my skin, but I always stopped links of london wholesale after insist on several days. As a matter of fact, I may think my skin are not that bad at all, for at that time I am only 17 years old, how many girls have bad skin at that age.However, on the other hand, my hair is totally different, since I was 15, I begin to make hair style every day, for most of the time in the morning, I used the flat iron to heat my hair to straight directely, so my hair become very dry amd have many litter branches at the tail of my hair. What more, the color are also changed to yellow. I always think my hair are extremely like thatch. So, I really what to take good care of my hair, but making hair style are also in need. But to my surprise that my desk-mate are also make hair style every day, but her hair always keeps very smooth and black, I ask her many times what the methed she used to protect her hair, she told me, but I found nothing special, that is discount links of london to use hair care scream, but I have too. Why it is so different. For over one year I still could not make clear what makes the difference.On day, when I finished my work and went to her room to play. Her had just already have washed her hair, so, I what to make clear what on earth can her hair be so good.Nothing special, but I find the only different of her flat iron, I saw her making hair style very smoothly. I asked about where he got it. She said it was her sister sent her from other city. She think it is very Bracelets convenient to use. And she thought, it may the case that why her hair are not that dry, but she can not make sure, so she did not tell me.I am so eager to want my hair become a litter better, so, I would try every means others told me. So, the next day, u bought the same flat iron with her, and since thin begin to use it, several month later I found that my hair rally stopped to get worse, so I am very appreciate the chi flat iron, what more there are many cheap chi flat irons on sale when I bought it.