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Believe it or not, if you watch closely the next time you are in the salon, you may notice that your hairstylist uses their blow dryer as little as possible. Other than the fact that concentrated heat directed towards a select section of strands may opi nail polish cause them to dry out and even potentially singed, it can actually take a lot of time for your hairdresser to focus only on blow drying your strands. To minimize heat damage and maximize their styling time, many hairdressers will wait until the very last minute to dry your strands after they have cut it.I'm putting two cooling techniques into one category here. Both are equally important. Coolness combats frizzies by closing down the cuticle (outer) layer of each hair strand. And of course, heat has the opposite effect, obliterating moisture and amplifying frizz. So cool your hair in these two ways. A cool rinse with either just water or vinegar and water will close down the cuticle and add shine. After heat styling with a blowdryer, use the cool shot button on your hair dryer to cool down the section you're working with. That will increase the curl or volume you're opi nail polish cheap creating and amplify the shine.These remain the most popular and common way of straightening hair. The wide plates are big enough to accommodate large sections of the hair at one time. Most, if not all, of the straightening irons that are available today appear with ceramic plates or ceramic coated plates. These plates enable heat to be distributed evenly throughout the hair and help to prevent damage to the hair. Hair irons offer you different heat settings to suit different hair types and have been used as a method OPI Katy Perry of hair straightening for nearly a century. Ceramic plates allow gentle infrared heat and negative ions that result in frizz free hair. You need to however be careful when it comes to using hair irons as over use of them could result in hair breakage and skin burns.The Chi hair straightener tends to be a bit cheaper than other flat irons, but still ranks in the top ten list of hair straighteners, making it an excellent buy. The ergonomic handle fits easily into your hand, which in makes it far more comfortable to straighten your hair, a process that usually takes some time and can really cramp up the hand if your hair straightener doesn't have a good handle on it.