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A lot of women use a CHI straightener for their hair because the hair is a very delicate part of their body. As a matter of fact, almost all women consider the hair to be one of the most attractive parts of their body. That is why many women experiment chi flat iron with their hair. They try different hairstyles and colors just to look pleasing and unique.Getting your hair styled is quite expensive. Because of this, some engage in do-it-yourself hair styling, most especially in straightening hair. Of course, the usual method used by many most of the time involves the use of chemicals. Sometimes people put too much chemicals into their hair, which often eventually destroy the hair. Not only that, the hair chemicals themselves contain very harsh ingredients that can damage hair.These chi hair straightener chemical solutions may offer tremendous help in your beautification process, but there are side effects. It is better to use an alternative if you want to make your hair stylish, especially if you want to straighten it.One less harmful way to straighten your hair is by using the CHI straightener iron or the Cationic Hydration Interlink iron. The CHI flat irons are widely used by style experts and other hair style professionals because these can achieve desirable results compared to other traditional straightening irons. Conventional hair irons just could not achieve the same results that CHI irons can.Though, the CHI iron provides less moisture due to the combination of far infrared and ionic technologies. The far infrared heats the ceramic plates of the CHI hair iron. If you are not careful, you can easily burn your hair. To avoid that, you can use protective creams or chi hair dryer sale gels when straightening your hair using the CHI iron.Before you start with the straightening procedure, make sure that your head is dry. Then clamp your hair with each layer in between the ceramic plates. While doing this, you pull the iron away from your head like what you usually do with normal flat irons. You will get the desirable straight hair depending on how curly your hair is. Some achieve desirable results with only one pass, but for some, it takes several passes to have straight hair.