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There are many claims made by those who manufacture a variety of hair straighteners out on the market. These claims can sometimes cause skepticism in what can and can't be done, but with a little research and comparisons, choosing the one that is the discount links of london right one for you, can be easily found with some reviews and facts. For the one that is recommended by professional hair styling to home users, the Farouk CHI is at the top and worth talking about. The Farouk Systems Incorporated is a private Houston-based company located in Texas, U.S.A and has successfully produced many technologically cutting-edge professional hair styling tools. The Farouk Systems corporation is uniquely owned and operated by more than 1500 professional hair stylists that are literally located in over 60 various world wide countries. The head founder of Farouk Systems is Farouk Shami, whom emigrated from Palestine in 1965. It was in the early 2000's that the Chi professional links of london sale hair styling tools product line was actually introduced to the world, putting Farouk Chi products as the most innovate hair styling tools to date.The first thing to know about the Farouk CHI flat iron is of moist ceramic heat including ceramic plates and coils. The ceramic will maintain the desired even temperature at all times during usage. The ceramic of the Farouk CHI is important for producing the desired negative ions. The Farouk is the best at bringing out the healthiest of hair by sealing the cuticles of each and every hair.The will help in repelling humidity and damage from the many other factors brought on by our hair treatment and the environment.The Farouk CHI will lock in your hair color giving it a beautifully vibrant color with the ability to also stop any fading effects tend to happen with other flat irons. The Ceramic heat system will ensure the penetration of Silk Molecules to your hair for softest hair results that you can get. The Farouk CHI flat iron is ergonomically designed and has a very convenient 10 foot heavy duty electrical cord. The 360 degree swivel connection is perfect to prevent tangling and the On/Off switch is on the inside to prevent an accidental turn off during usage. The Farouk Rings CHI is easily able to be used anywhere, convenient in size and very light weight. The Farouk CHI flat iron has Flash Heating of 150 degrees to 180 degrees of wide range heating choices and will quickly heat up in 6 to 10 seconds every time of usage. The Farouk CHI is unique in being 'Squeeze Sensitive', which means that the tighter you squeeze there will be even more direct ceramic heat put into your hair. This is a product that saves energy due to using only 20-25 watts of electricity.