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One of the simplest popular hairstyles is straightening your hair. As easy as it looks it is actually very difficult for many woman to achieve. It all depends on the styling tool you are using, the techniques you employ as well as your hair opi nail polish texture.In this article I would like to give you a few tips to help you get your hair straight and maintain that style for longer periods of time. You should always make sure that your hair is dry before you try to straighten it. Use a blow dryer if you just stepped out of the shower and your hair is wet. As you blow dry it, run your fingers through it, however if it is very curly use a brush instead of your fingers.To begin using the flat iron start with the bottom layer of hair working your way up. So you can secure your hair that opi nail polish cheap you are not working on with an elastic band or a clip. Now make sure your flat iron is hot and ready to go, start with sections one to one and half inch, it all depends on the size of your plates.You want to get as close to your roots as you can, then for best results you simply glide down each section of your hair slowly. There are a lot of women who pass the iron through very fast, and this is not the right way to do it. If you do it slowly you only have to glide down once, for each section of hair and you are done.Of course OPI DS before straightening or any type of heat styling, you should apply a heat protectant which is available in drug stores and salons. For a drugstore brand you are looking at something like John Frieda spray which is available for less than seven dollars.