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If you own professional hair colorist advises you against going too light due to potential damage, appreciate their willingness to look out for the long term health of your hair. Professional hair colorists use hair lighteners in a variety of links of london sale forms. In essence there are different types of hair lighteners designed to achieve certain hair coloring goals. If you're using pre-formulated box colors you will not need to worry about hair lighteners. If you are a professional hair colorist it would be helpful to know the lightening options.When towel drying your hair, resist rubbing or creating any sort of friction. The best method for drying frizzy hair is to use a hand towel and squeeze the hair up from ends to roots. Surely you've heard it before, but it warrants repeating...regular trims prevent split ends. It's stressed so often because of the nature of splitting hairs. They continue on up the hair strand, which exacerbates Pink & Gold Friendship Bracelet the frizz. And, once the hairs have split, the only way to repair the damage is to cut the hair above the split. So if it's a bounty of smooth curls you desire, trim it up at least every two months.This treatment needs to be undertaken with caution. It involves use of alkaline chemicals that swell the hair and break the sulfur bonds in the keratins. If the chemicals are left on the hair for too long, it can cause irreversible damage. Care should be taken to cover the scalp skin with a protective cream before the chemical treatment for hair straightening.The design of the Chi hair straightener just makes sense. With a ten foot cord and a swivel at the base, you don't have to be right next to the Fish Links of London Charm electrical outlet to do your hair and can easily reach around your head without getting tangled up in the cord, something that can be both annoying and dangerous, particularly with a hot flat iron in your hand.