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It is always goes like that, jewellery is women's best friend. Links of London is no wonder becoming the first choice fir women to choose.The first time i got to Links of London is because of my favorite hostess whose name is Cat Deely who later became this discount links of london brand's worldwide spokesman. She looks more gorgeous that she ever does with Links of London.Then i get to know something about this brand, it was founded in 1990 and before it becomes famous all over the world, it is just a small shop making silver sleeve buttons. No one would have imagined that if Harvey Nichols did not discover its designs and purchased the entire series whether would Links of London grows up in that way.Perfect book appealed for adorableness and snooty, and argent links of London charms charms car women? Nominal neatness, hunk ornaments highlight the artistic delicacy If a changeable has a attitude adapted to exhibit. In the past 20 years, this brand has experienced a lot and gained a lot. Till now, there are already more that 84 excusive agencies and 211 retail shops.The idea of Links of London is combine the meticulous design with the concept of fashion in order to Links of Lodon Sweetie Ring create amazing new products so that they can bring the customers stylish, fashion, modern, and classic goods.The most considerable character that cause this brand attractive is well-designed packaging. They have paid o lot of attention on it. All of their goods would be put into delicate woven bags, together with special present boxes and the unique Links of London ribbons, all of those make their goods more mysterious and attractive to the customers.Among all of their goods, i like the Sweetie bracelet the most. I have heard that the initial idea of this kind of bracelet was the traditional candies for children. The appearance of this bracelet has reminded me of my sweet Fish Links of London Charm childhood. Besides, Michelle Obama's wife is also a fan of this bracelet. Links of London sweetie bracelet beauty could be used to adorn a black dress. The jewels are chosen according to the occasions when visiting friends and relatives to show a sense of comfort and relaxation. These links polished this brand less adapted for people with dark skin should keep your eyes on those with less bright color, like silver.