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First of all, what is a CHI flat iron? A flat iron is also known as a straightening iron, and uses a pair of flat ceramic or metal plates that are heated to temperatures of over 400 degrees and are designed to smooth and straighten hair. Chi flat iron reviews prove that this iron is one of the most popular on the market today.Chi flat iron reviews show that many women and men are really happy with this straightener. It is the first choice of discount opi nail polish those men and women who have naturally curly hair who like to style their hair into wavy or straight styles, and styles that involve straightening the hair prior to styling.If you have fine or wavy hair that you like to straighten, I have found Chi flat iron reviews from people just like that. Prior to their purchase of the Chi, many have had to resort to using a blow dryer and a brush to straighten their hair, which takes ages and dries the hair out, leaving it a damaged, frizzy mess, and it is even more difficult doing that with a short hair style. Many Chi flat iron reviews are from professional hairdressers who use them every day to straighten, volumize and style their OPI Princess clients' hair and they wouldn't be without one. The Chi straightener is a ceramic iron, which any of the reviews will tell you is far better than using a metal iron. It is less damaging, the temperature is evenly distributed along the iron and it is comfortable to use for any prolonged length of time. Metal straighteners often have hot spots, which means you can be straightening your hair and all of a sudden one of these hot spots will make a patch of hair super dried-out or frizzy, ruining the whole hair style. The ceramic plates also have the ability to leave the hair less dried out, with a smooth and lustrous shine. Although the Chi Iron has only one-inch ceramic plates it means you can get closer OPI Sunbelievable to the roots and it is much lighter and easier to use than a larger straightener. The Chi flat iron reviews are posted by real women with major hair problems and most are delighted with their Chi. The only complaint that I could find was a few people grumbling about the cost of the straightener on Chi flat iron reviews, but when you consider that some irons can cost up to $1000, this seems a minor cost, as these straighteners are built to last for years of daily use. Some users in the Chi flat iron reviews have said they have used their irons for years and they are still going strong.