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It is a weak sense that hair lose is an unimportant things. For some people, they think drink water, correct wash method while using shampoo, with fat film can protect hair from damage. Also it is a misconception that long-term to maintain the same shape will not damage your hair. For those who use hair tools to make them beauty, are their hair become damage?It is said that doing hair style is a trend in women's world. For women they chi flat iron Pink want to make themselve become focus in the street. For girls, they would like to change hair styles just for satisfied the conceit. This causes a phenomenon that barber's shop full of people. For some women, it is easy for them to use hair straighteners, why they went to barber's shop bear the taste of wait? The reason is very clear that they are affraid of damaging their hair by themselves.It is very easy to use hair straighteners without damage. What you need to do is just correct using it. Following these steps below can chi hair straightener protect your hair from damage.The first step to using a hair straightener is to have clean and smooth hair. You can obtain this by washing your hair and using some sort of a shampoo and conditioner. Different people will suggest different brands, types, and styles. In this article we will not touch on that as it is for the most part a personal preference and can vary by hair type and even the person.Once your hair is washed you will want to first towel dry your hair and then follow up with a thoroughly drying your hair with a hair dryer. There are a few key factors you want to follow while blow drying your hair to make it easier when it comes time to straighten your hair. First use a dryer attachment, this will help smooth your hair and make sure it blows in the same direction. Make sure you do not flip your hair while drying; this will cause your hair to get frizzy and chi turbo hair iron make it more difficult to straighten.Now you want to turn your straightener on, it should get hot fairly quickly. Once your hair is fully dry it is easiest to divide your hair up into sections, most find it easiest to divide it up into 3 sections. Once you have an idea of where you wish to make the sections you will wants to use some sort of a headband to tie 2 of them back so you can focus on the single section you are about to straighten.