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In general, economists agree that the flows of foreign direct investment (FDI) lead to an increase in the rate of economic growth (see, for example, Blonigen, 2005). An important feature to promote the growth of FDI is the advanced technology that often accompanies foreign capital investment. In addition, domestic investors can also adopt this advanced technology. In other words, FDI generates positive externalities OPI Garden Party(NLH20) through technology links to London. At the same time, increased foreign capital can help reduce the savings gap (ie the gap between domestic savings rate and the desired level of investment rate). In short, FDI should have positive effects on economic growth, particularly in the development of links to shops in London, who suffers from low productivity and social capital Links Of London jewelry.Despite these plausible theoretical reasons to anticipate a positive relationship between GDP and FDI, the empirical evidence is mixed. For OPI Sunbeleivable(NLD28) example, De Mello (1999) found that whether FDI contributes to economic growth depends primarily on the characteristics of the host country, especially the amount of skilled labor. Borensztein et al. (Links of London shops) also established that while FDI has a positive impact on GDP, the magnitude of this effect depends on the level of human capital. Using both cross section and the links in the London panel analysis, Johnson (2006) showed that FDI inflows boosted economic growth in developing London shopping blogs link collections in London, but not in Advanced links collections in London. Alfaro (2003) conducted a comparative analysis between countries and found that total FDI exerts an ambiguous effect on economic growth of the host country, FDI inflows in the primary sector tend to have a negative effect on growth. Numerous empirical studies have OPI Hollywood also provided mixed evidence on the relationship between economic growth and foreign direct investment (links to the Links Of London Charms.) The relationship between FDI and economic growth rate is critical for policymaking in the real world. In the past two decades have witnessed a massive increase in FDI flows. According to UNCTAD (Links jewelry), the global FDI inflows increased from approximately $ 55 million in 1980 to around U.S. $ 1,400 million in 2000. This unprecedented growth of foreign direct investment flows has led to academic economists and policy makers to devote more effort to understanding the empirical relationships between GDP growth and FDI inflows in the host of links London shops.