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The day 29th Apil is a big day, a big event happened and cause a sensation. It is that England Prince William married Kate Middleton on the 29th Apirl. The wedding held in Westminster Abbey and attract many people about 30 billiion. It is one of the opi nail polish biggest and important and grand wedding. housands are already gathering in central London allong the route from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey. Watch the wedding Live right here.The Queen has given the title of the Duke of Cambridge to Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton will be Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. Media speculates, that this title was chosen because the last Duke of Cambridge also married a commoner for love. Prince William will be the 3rd Duke of Cambridge.People from all the world focus opi nail polish cheap on it and watch the new alive. On one hand they pray for the couple and celebrate the wedding, on the other hand , they want to see the appearance of Princess and admire her beauty and glamour, just like the Princess Dania. To all the girls , they are so sad but also exciting. They all dream to be the princess and marry the prince. But when the royal wedding hold , the dream of all the girls are broken. So on that day , they wear white wedding dress to commemorate the day. In fact , the mood is understandable and opi nail polish wholesale common. However they are happy and excited inner heart.So more and more girls pay much attention to the Kate. How to become the Princess from the populace ?Why does she so beautiful? What is the secret of being Princess?We all are so curious and eager to know. No matter in the beautiful appearance or pure inner side, we all care about.As I know, Princess kate is also fat and not well-shapedbefore the engagein. But from then , she took much time and money to beautify for the wedding. She must do according to the plan.